Lattices - Partial orders with infimum and supremum

Some weeks ago I blogged about order structure and lemmas which can be proved within Modern Eiffel.

Today I have published a continuation which talks about lattices and some lemmas about lattice theory.

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But does this continuation have unlimited extent?

And is it delimited?

It takes some time to build

It takes some time to build the base for verifiable software. But it is certainly not unlimited.

Logic and lattices for distributed programming.

A good application of lattices is in this paper from Neil Conway et al of the Bloom group at Berkeley.

Logic and Lattices for Distributed Programming

On a similar note, Lindsey Kuper's draft POPL submission on A Lattice-Theoretical Approach to Deterministic Parallelism with Shared State uses lattices to generalize single-assignment to monotonically-increasing assignment.

[Update: corrected link]

The link to the first paper

The link to the first paper (Logic and lattices for distributed programming) does not work (page not found). Maybe a typo.

I have found a paper with

I have found a paper with the same title at this link. Is this the paper you have meant?