Presentation at the Berlin Compiler Meetup on programming with algebra

On 7 August I will speak at the Berlin Compiler Meetup on SubScript, my extension to the Scala language, based on the Algebra of Communicating Processes (ACP). According to Google Streetview the location is near (above?) trattoria La Scala (!) at Rosenthaler Strasse.

You may view ACP as an extension to boolean algebra, but also as a BNF-like formalism with support for parallelism, next to sequential and choice composition. Combining it with a "normal" language such as Java or Scala eases event-driven and concurrent programming, as used in GUI controllers, text parsing and discrete event simulations.

See the Subscript project site at Google code.
If you are a student looking for a project on a subject such as concurrent programming, you may find one here.