Brown CS: CSCI 1730: Programming Languages: On-Line Offering

We will be making this course, Brown's upper-level programming languages offering, available for free on the Web. People anywhere are welcome to view the lectures, read the materials, and do the assignments

This is a great opportunity! I have relied heavily on Shriram's lecture notes when I was starting out.

It is nice to see that he promises to give personal recognition for those who participate, and even has a system in place for giving partial credit to busy professionals who cannot spare the time to do all the assignments and projects.

My only misgiving is that the course uses Racket; I wish it was in Scheme.

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Scheme vs. Racket

Hi Ehud -- thanks for the pitch and kind remarks.

We will be using a small subset of Racket, which will essentially be indistinguishable from Scheme. We will, however, probably depend on advanced features for some of the software infrastructure, which we can do with the Racket module system while hiding the complexity from the end-user -- i.e., giving the impression that they are programming in a slightly nicer Scheme. So in fact Racket is letting you get precisely what you wish for. (-:

Also, some users will want to use static types, and for this Scheme has no route but Typed Racket is a great option.

In short, we will use Racket as a better Scheme.

Oh, Racket is fine. It was

Oh, Racket is fine. It was just a lame joke about the re-branding.

Questions on G+, please

To minimize the number of venues we need to track, I'm requesting that people post questions and comments on the Google+ thread for this course, which I am actively following.