Pythonect 0.4.1 Released

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce the release of Pythonect 0.4.1, available from

Release notes can be found at:

Many thanks to everyone who contributed bug reports, patches, and feedback that went into this release!

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Would it matter to you when

Would it matter to you when someone else announces releases of your personal hobby project on this blog who believes it is interesting enough for LtU readers to get informed about its progress?

Re: Would it matter to you when

Hey Kay,

Thanks for your feedback. I do get a fair amount of traffic from LtU to Pythonect website, so I'd say that people are interested in my project (or interested enough in checking it out).

Having said that, If I'm out of line, please feel free to delete this post.

I for one have not followed the link.

I haven't looked at it because the original post didn't actually say what the word 'pythonect' means or how it relates to programming languages. Or, especially, what's interesting and different about it.

I figure it's probably something to do with the Python programming language. 'Ect' appears to be a shortened form of greek 'ectos' for outside, external, or beyond, although 'ecto' is normally a prefix; its use as a suffix is kinda weird. So maybe it's a way of invoking a Python program from a different machine, or calling Python code from a foreign runtime environment, or something like that.

Still, if the original post doesn't consider it important enough to say anything about what it is or why it's interesting, it doesn't give me any confidence that there'd be a point in following the link.


Re: I for one have not followed the link.

Hey Ray,

Thank you for your feedback. You are correct, I should have included a short description in the post, and I wil do so in the future.

Having said that, allow me to correct with post and add the following paragraph:

Pythonect (a portmanteau of "Python" and "Connect") is a new, experimental, general-purpose dataflow programming language based on Python.
It aims to combine the intuitive feel of shell scripting (and all of its perks like implicit parallelism) with the flexibility and agility of Python.
Pythonect interpreter (and reference implementation) is written in Python, and is available under the BSD license.