Linking comments

It'd be nice if there were a convenient way to link directly to a comment, i.e. have the comment titles be links to themselves or perhaps a small icon beside them. The anchors are there as the following link demonstrates, but the only way to get at them is by searching for the comment or constructing the link yourself (or at least those were the only ways I could find after a bit of trying).

[Edit: You can also get the links in collapsed views, but still...]

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Real Soon Now

We're planning to upgrade the version of Drupal we're using soon. The new version has each comment's subject line linked to the comment.

The schedule on this has been a sliding one due to work pressure, but it should be done this month, along with the long-awaited RSS feed on comments.

i had this problem (on my mai

i had this problem (on my mailing list) and someone (sorry, can't remember who, but possibly another reader here) helpfully pointed out that you can link to the "reply" page for the comment.