solution to the ever narrowing posts problem?

are there any drupal hackers who could somehow fix the ever narrowing text problem? :-)

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Add the following to the CSS stylesheet:

.comment { min-width: 500px; }

In the meantime you can add this rule from your browser's developer tools or with extensions that let you add your own CSS to websites (e.g. the Stylebox extension for Chrome).

A feature, not a bug

Once you get that nested in a thread, narrow text is just a symptom of what is probably more likely a debate between a few people that is probably not as useful to people outside of the debate (a "forum smell"?).

Don't indent unnecessarily

Knowing nothing of Drupal, isn't the right design to stay at the same indentation level when a message only has a single child? It needs perhaps to be indicated visually in some way, but makes sense since a back-and-forth exchange isn't a hierarchy but a sequence, and should not cause a staircase on the screen. (It's somewhat like applying TCO on the reply chain.)

Sean is right about narrow text often being a symptom, but this doesn't mean that it's always the case. I believe conversations that weren't progressively indented would also somehow look more inviting for others to join in.