Solving the dependency hell

In a nutshell, SPREAD solves the major problems we face when we try to manage Programs.

Solving the dependency hell

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Are you familiar with Vesta?

yes, thanks for reminding me

I did research Vesta and yes, SPREAD is very much related. But I had dismissed Vesta years ago, because I didn't like the implementation.
But all the concepts found in Vesta equally apply to SPREAD. I will put a reference to Vesta on my blog.

SPREAD’s implementation will target a more optimal version of Vesta.
SPREAD will be build on top of a Uniquely Represented Immutable Data Structure (URIDS). With URIDS we get maximal structural sharing and fast equality (using hash-consing techniques)

i want this inside my code, not just outside

sorta in a Bret Victor vein.

Finite higher-ordered binary relations

I've just finished a paper describing finite higher-ordered binary relations.

I'm not used to writing papers so please feel free to correct me on things.