A bug with collapsed views, and some thinking aloud

Steps to reproduce:

a) View a forum topic in a collapsed view, say collapsed threaded.
b) Click on a comment.

A page pops up that looks like the reply page, but it's different. Posting a comment there doesn't reply to the comment you're seeing.

This is the reason for this empty comment of mine. I couldn't see any way to delete the comment after I'd moved it to the right place.

Perhaps it would be less confusing if the form on a comment url replied to that url? That's what HN does. Or we could follow reddit and get rid of that form altogether.


I've been bouncing around between views as a way to make sure I don't miss any comments. What do others do? Does everyone use the global track page? It seems unsatisfying for some reason (partly I keep forgetting it exists). And the asterisks feel unreliable because I'm afraid I navigated away without reading all of them.

Comment viewing options

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I use the RSS feeds to see all stories, forum posts, comments, etc. I only come to LTU when I need to see a post in context or reply.



"recent comments" link on the left side.

I use the "recent comments" link on the left side. It gives direct links to comments, and I can easily see which are new because followed links are a different color from unfollowed links in my browser.

These links fail, however, when discussion on some topic goes to more than one page.


You mean "Recent

You mean "Recent Posts"?

While we're recounting our LtU reading styles, mine is to use the "Discussions" link in the sidebar, and then use the "X new" link for discussions that interest me.