We're In The Monad

Okay, so it's Easter Sunday, and I feel a bit risen (in the sense of bread dough, that is — full of bubbles). What is more, I have finally made it through Learn You A Haskell, and in consequence I no longer fear The Monad.

Indeed, I found myself perpetrating the following little ditty, which I hereby share with other Haskell fans who are also fans of 42nd Street:

We're in the monad,
We're in the monad,
We've got a context that we have to pass along!
We're in the monad,
Our life's not so bad,
Well-typed imperative programming can't go wrong!

We never need to muta-
Te inscruta-ble state,
And when we see IO types
We can look those guys right in the eyes ...

We're in the monad
(Just rhymes with "gonad"),
Let's choose it, use it,
Keep it moving along!