Automatic Mutual Exclusion (AME)

Intuitively, the semantics of STM is appealingly simple. However, as researchers are coming to discover, this simplicity is illusory and the actual semantics offered by implementations are often counterintuitive—programs that look “obviously correct” may behave in unexpected ways.

to be seen in C# and maybe Python.

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AME Alternatives?

I have an interest in STM techniques and I was unaware of AME until now.
The one thing I dont like about AME is the viral nature of the Yield call, that a function that calls a yielding method must itself be marked 'yields'.

The AME approach of marking asynchronous methods vs the STM approach of marking atomic section makes sense to me.
The AME paper mentions that other people might come up with alternatives to AME. Does anybody know of AME alternatives that avoid the viral nature of yield?