Typesafe Activator

A new addition to the Typesafe Platform is Activator, a unique, browser-based tool that helps developers get started with Typesafe technologies quickly and easily. Getting started is a snap; just download, extract and run the executable to start building applications immediately via the easy to use wizard based interface. Common development patterns are presented through reusable templates that are linked to in-context tutorials which explain step-by-step exactly how things work. The Activator environment supports each stage of the application development lifecycle: Code, Compile, Run, and Test. At the appropriate time, Activator can generate fully-fledged projects for the leading IDE's so that application development can continue in these environments.

You can download Activator here.

Truth be told, the web site has too much hype and not enough details for my tastes. Had I not known about some of the technologies behind the Typesafe Platform I wouldn't go past the first page. Hopefully this side of things will be improved. People developing in Scala might want to share their experiences in the comments.

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Reminds me of...

Blue/J and DrJava.

I am glad I read your comments

I opened the site from the link you gave and all I could do was laugh at the front page. I admire your persistence to have gone past the first page, I certainly wouldn't have.

How about the

How about the typelevel-activator? :)