DIALOG: A Conversational Programming System with a Graphical Orientation

An old paper that seems quite retro by today's standards:

DIALOG is an algebraic language for online use with a graphical input-output console device. It is a computational aid for the casual user, which provides basic facilities for graphical and numeric input and display, online and offline program preparation and storage, and hard copy presentation of results. Use of the system requires a minimum of experience or instruction, since the growth of an overlaying system control language has been prevented, and there are no processor-oriented statements, like variable type or dimension declarations. Moreover, in the online situation the processor interacts with the graphical keyboard on a character-by-character basis so as to restrict the programmer's choice of input symbols to those which are syntactically correct. DIALOG has been in daily operation at the MIT Research Institute since February, 1966.

The scanned paper is behind a paywall, but you can check here.