CFP: ACM High Integrity Language Technology (HILT 2013) due July 6th; conference in Pittsburgh Nov. 10-14

The deadline is July 6th (just a week away) for submitting papers to the annual ACM conference on High Integrity Language Technology (HILT 2013). The conference will be in Pittsburgh November 10-14, in close proximity to the Software Engineering Institute and CMU. We have four great keynotes/invited speakers for this conference (Jeannette Wing, Ed Clarke, John Goodenough, and Michael Whalen), several interesting tutorials (on SMT solvers, Model Checking, etc.), and we are expecting some great papers as well (so get cracking!).

Conference website is:

PDF Call for papers is at:

-Tucker Taft
Program Chair, HILT 2013

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Deadline now July 6th for ACM HILT 2013

The deadline for submitting papers and extended abstracts for HILT 2013 has been extended to July 6th.

We look forward to your contributions to HILT 2013.

-Tucker Taft
Program Chair, HILT 2013

so whose doing what

Many conferences post a list of speakers, scheduled talks and abstracts. For instance, I recently looked at the list for Black Hat USA and a few programming conferences to help determine which I might visit. Where's that for this conference? The Technical Program menu has several non-functional menu items in FF and Chrome. I figure it's supposed to have the link whenever the page appears.

Who is doing what at HILT 2013

Paper submissions are not due until July 6th, so we don't know what papers will be accepted yet! Once we do, the Technical Program link will be activated. The conference is in November in Pittsburgh, very near the CMU campus.

As far as keynote/invited speakers, we have Ed Clarke (Turing award winner for work on model checking), John Goodenough (author of one of the early papers (1975) on exception handling in programming languages), Jeannette Wing (co-author of original LSP paper), and Michael Whalen (UMinn professor) introducing the session on model-based engineering.

We encourage you to submit a paper:


Thanks for the reply. I guess I was just hoping a few had been submitted and I could get an early peek at them. Oh well. ;)