New programming language Ya

I'm making this new programming language Ya. I'm not sure I'm right writing to you, yet I just don't know what to do to make people know that new programming language Ya exists. If you know what I should do - please help me. Thank you. Pavel Senatorov, .

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A few questions:

Right now your language is (hopefully) important and useful to you. The next step is making it important and useful to other people.

Frank Atanassow offers a few words of advice and questions. Answering them here, and on your webpage, could be useful.

I might also ask:

  • Why would I want to learn about Ya? How would it make my life easier?
  • How hard is it to get started using Ya? Are there specialized tools I need to download? Are they portable? How easily can I integrate Ya into existing projects?
  • What do your full programs look like? Could you provide a Youtube video of firing up Ya and doing something cool with it?
  • You mention expressing constants like '10:53:17' for time. Why would I ever want this?
  • Is there a reason for all the Perl-like prefix notations `$` everywhere?

Answering these questions, providing demonstrations and a few tutorials, making your language accessible and easy to use (in the "download and try it!" sense) - these are your next steps.

The technical details can be summarized elsewhere than the middle of your front page; right now it's just a wall of barbed text.


i didn't have the motivation to say it that diplomatically :-)

Good advice in general

If you put a placeholder in this list for the subject of interest, it would work pretty well as a start for a "why should I be interested in X?" list that all software people should memorize. (Yes, one or two items are Ya-specific; a few more are programming language design-specific.)

With a few more placeholders, it would become a good template for all technical people trying to convince other technical people of the importance of their favorite subject.