How about switching to Markdown?

Only recently when I started posting things here I realized that I have to use HTML for any formatting, which is too verbose. How about switching to Markdown? This requires a Markdown-to-HTML converter (Pandoc is the best) running on the server side. The cost can be shared.

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I like HTML.

It’s verbose but precise. What I would really like is MathJax support. It would be a great step up from <pre><code> blocks.

HTML makes it very difficult

HTML makes it very difficult to post using a mobile device like an iPad. It is just ridiculously hard, while markdown is much easier. I've stopped using personal computers at home, so this is a big inhibitor to contributing.

Hackernews bothers with very little markup at all, and auto translates anything that begins with http. Conversely, it is the easiest to use mobile.

You can still use HTML raw

It’s verbose but precise.

You can still use HTML raw tags in Markdown in case of imprecision.


I meant that MathJax is much more important to me than Markdown, not that Markdown would not also be nice.