Anyone tried hopscotch?

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I've just installed it along

I've just installed it along with another of their apps, http://www.daisythedinosaur.com.

After a few minutes playing around Hopscotch looks very good although too advanced for my daughter - we'd end up with me programming to her instructions (she's three and a half). I like that projects can be uploaded, some of the ones I've looked at are quite good. Only problem I've run into is that I can't see how to delete objects.

Daisy the dinosaur has a lot of potential but needs much more content to be added to challenge mode. The highlighting of the currently active part of the program is very good. If they enhance the challenge mode this would be something my daughter could use as soon as she can read the actions for programming - I can read the challenges to her.

Thanks. So, for a 4 YO, I

Thanks. So, for a 4 YO, I should start with Daisy and if this work move to Hopscotch? Seems like reading is the obvious obstacle, though from the screen shots it seems like you can distinguish between operation by color too.

I wouldn't bother with

I wouldn't bother with Daisy. The challenge is a nice concept but has hardly any content - a minute or so for me. There are far fewer actions available than in hopscotch so the "free for all" mode is very limited. It's a shame really because if they differentiated actions in Daisy by colour, and added icons, reading wouldn't be an issue - I could read the challenges (if there were more content). I've emailed the developers this feedback.

I'd just dive straight into hopscotch. If it works out, great, if not it's something to try out later on. The difficulty I'd envision for my daughter is that she'd find something goal oriented easier. Maybe I should code up my own challenges in hopscotch...

You might also be interested in DragonBox. My daughter started playing that at 2.5 - 3 and can solve over half the puzzles. I had to help her understand each concept as it was introduced but otherwise she plays on her own, often finding the iPad and starting herself.

I see, thanks. DragonBox

I see, thanks. DragonBox looks way to complicated, but I'll give it a shot.

The screenshots on the

The screenshots on the homepage are from the 12+ version. The 5+ one is really quite accessible and well thought out.

So far not much success with

So far not much success with Daisy. I will try this at some point, though I was surprised to see it costs money (one does get used to free software).

I agree. I tried Daisy it is

I agree. I tried Daisy it is really more a demo than something you can give a kid to play with. It has potential, though. I think using colors and shapes rather in addition to textual commands would really make this accessible to younger kids. Music would also be a great addition.
...And it is also buggy. Even if you don't reach the star the response is "Congratulations, you're an amazing coder". Maybe this is a didactic choice, I suppose...

Dragon box

Have had good success with dragon box with my 8yo son. I would recommend it for adults and children alike. Mathematical literacy is not what it could be with most adults, and dragon box is fun.

FWIW my son completed the 5+ in an afternoon and now revisits the 12+ when he gets bored with angy birds star wars II.