Future of Programming workshop

The call for submissions is out. There will be two opportunities this first year to participate: at Strangeloop in September and at SPLASH in October. The call:

We are holding two events. First, in partnership with the Emerging Languages Camp, FPW×ELC will be at Strange Loop on September 17 in St. Louis MO. Second, at SPLASH in Portland OR around Oct. 19 (pending approval).

We want to build a community of researchers and practitioners exploring the frontiers of programming. We are looking for new ideas that could radically improve the practice of programming. Ideas too embryonic for an academic paper yet developed enough to demonstrate a prototype. Show us your stuff!

FPW×ELC will present live demonstrations before an audience. The SPLASH event will be an intense, private writer’s workshop1,2. This process will be a chance to give and take both creative support and incisive criticism.

Submissions will be 15 minute demo screencasts. You can select either or both of the events in your submission. The submission deadline is June 8 and notifications will be sent June 27. After the events participants will have until December 1 to revise their screencasts for archival publication on our website. The submission site is now open. For questions please see the FAQ or ask info@future-programming.org.

Brought to you by Richard Gabriel, Alex Payne, and Jonathan Edwards.

This is a good idea for the more edgy language designers to exhibit their work and receive useful critique to improve presentation, which ultimately helps with our goal of world domination (or at least, pushing the community to take more risks).

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Why not the homepage?

Why not the homepage?

Sorry, I don't get you.

Sorry, I don't get you.


Meaning? (I meant to ask, of course, why didn't you post this to the home page.)

I'm not a moderator with

I'm not a moderator with home page posting capabilities :)

Of course you are. (You

Of course you are. (You click "create content" and choose "story".)

I'll promote this item to the homepage, but next time you feel something should go there, just go ahead and post it.

Noted. I never knew I had

Noted. I never knew I had the power :)

We must have corresponded

We must have corresponded about this at some point. It doesn't happen by accident. But I can't put my hands on the email.

Actually, I don't think you

Actually, I don't think you gave me the capability to flag stories, I don't see it as an option in "new topic".

It's not to flag. It is to

It's not to flag. It is to post stories. You don't do it through "new topic", but rather by clicking "create content" (under your name; bottom left), and clicking "story".

Thanks. That makes sense.

Thanks. That makes sense.