The broad ML Family workshop

It is not generally proper to post call-for-papers on LtU. Exceptions have been made, for broad workshops likely to appeal to many LtU readers. I hope the 2014 ML Family workshop also qualifies.

The ML Family workshop intends to attract the entire family of ML languages, whether related by blood to the original ML or not. Our slogan is ``Higher-order, Typed, Inferred, Strict''. Designers and users of the languages fitting the description have many issues in common, from data representation and garbage collection to fancy type system features. As an example, some form of type classes or implicits has been tried or been looked into in several languages of the broad ML family. We hope the ML Family workshop is a good forum to discuss these issues.

Also new this year is a category of submissions -- informed opinions -- to complement research presentation, experience reports and demos. We specifically invite arguments about language features, be they types, garbage collection, implicits or something else -- but the arguments must good and justified. Significant personal experience does count as justification, as do empirical studies or formal proofs. We would be delighted if language implementors or long-time serious users could tell, with examples from their long experience, what has worked out and what has not in their language.

The deadline for submitting an abstract of the presentation, up to 2 PDF pages, is in a month. Please consider submitting and attending!

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It is completely proper to

It is completely proper to post calls on LtU, right?

We try to keep the frequency

We try to keep the frequency of this low, since the site is more for discussion than announcements. I trust your judgment about what's appropriate.

why not both?

And we should remember to take advantage of such relevant announcements to spur discussion when we can, anyways. Both for our own benefit ('tis what we're here for, as Ehud mentions), as well as possibly using that discussion to feed the submission ideas and such.

E.g. I'd love to see some quick viewpoints from those of us more familiar with ML family, whether looking to push those into submissions or not.

Sometimes I urge posting

Sometimes I urge posting announcements or post them myself because I want to drive submissions or to make sure an important event gets noticed. Sometimes I post since I know the topic will lead to informative discussion. I am sure there are other reasons. There are mailing lists and such for your everyday CFPs.

The mailing lists are only

The mailing lists are only effective if you are on them. I, for one, am only on a few, so sometimes certain workshops surprise me. These days, we seem to rely more on social networking sites like G+ (friends and family on Facebook, colleagues and peers on G+, have no idea why....). And what is LtU but a great social networking site for the lonely PL designer, researchers, enthusiast?

Informed opinion(!)

I love this category. I hope this means we are finally moving away from the juvenile dichotomy between fact and opinion which has plagued our culture for so long...

I thought of submitting

But started writing C++ code.


The programme is now available. I looks like the widening of the CFP focus was a success, as there will be one Rust talk and one Scala talk. Exciting times.

Program with abstracts

The complete program with links to 2-page abstracts is now available

Early registration deadline is Aug 3.