You don't mean people actually still use it?!

From this article on Boeing moving applications to the cloud:

The application is about 10-years-old, developed with Visual Basic and the .NET Framework. When rewriting the application for the cloud, Boeing chose Azure because it was already using Microsoft technology.

And people are snarky about companies still using COBOL? Really?!

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At least Cobol is a standard

This is more like using WebSphere instead of Tomcat because your mainframe is an IBM 390. It's an excellent example of vertical integration by marketing, a tactic used par excellence by Microsoft, though of course by many other companies as well.

As I always told my

As I always told my students, VB is a product not a language...

Would you say the same of Perl 5?

There is only one implementation of either language (with occasional new versions, to be sure).

To be fair, Boeing is famous

To be fair, Boeing is famous in Seattle for having bone headed management. (And in that city everyone knows someone who works for MS, Boeing, and Starbucks)


I don't understand. What's so dramatic about this?