CfP for ACM High Integrity Language Technology conference (HILT 2014) -- due June 7th, co-located with SPLASH/OOPSLA

The third annual ACM conference on High Integrity Language Technology (HILT 2014) call-for-papers is available, with a deadline of June 7th for regular papers, experience reports, and extended abstracts. For more info, see:
The conference website is:
  HILT 2014 Website
We hope readers of LtU will consider submitting a paper, and will encourage your colleagues to do the same. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, and appear in the ACM Digital Library for wide visibility. We are pleased to be co-located with SPLASH/OOPSLA this year in Portland, OR, with technical sessions being on Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday morning, Oct 20-22.

Since the CfP was produced, we can announce that Peter Feiler of SEI/CMU has agreed to be our invited speaker to introduce the sessions on Model-Based Engineering. In addition, we are putting together a panel on new safe parallel programming languages, tentatively entitled: "Finding Safety in Numbers -- New Languages for Safe Multicore Systems Programming," with three panelists already lined up. We are also coordinating our program further with SPLASH/OOPSLA, so HILT attendees can attend the Wednesday SPLASH keynote, and SPLASH attendees can attend the Tuesday HILT keynote (Tom Ball of Microsoft Research). We are also considering making the above mentioned panel a joint HILT/OOPSLA activity.

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Deadline of June 7th is coming up shortly.

Deadline for submissions, June 7th is coming up shortly. Readers of LtU are encouraged to consider submitting papers, experience reports, or extended abstracts. Website is:

  HILT 2014 website