The TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks

I'd like to draw attention to the TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks, which compare solutions to simple web programming tasks in different programming languages and frameworks. For now, the formal comparison is entirely about performance, in particular throughput and latency. I believe the long-term plan is to expand to include measures of code complexity, memory usage, and other good stuff.

Eric Easley and I contributed a solution in Ur/Web, a statically typed, purely functional DSL. It's managing to compete pretty well, despite a configuration error that should be fixed for the next round. You, too, can contribute to future rounds! I think it would be great to see languages further outside the mainstream represented!

On the functional programming front, there are already solutions in Erlang, Haskell, and Racket, as well as more "mainstreamed" hybrid languages like Clojure and Scala. Other popular scrappy newcomers include D, Dart, and Go. I think Ur/Web is the most avant-garde language currently represented, and I challenge LtUers to one-up us on that front!