Math.js crashes my iPad

The site math viewer is consistently crashing my iPad; it makes a note that it is trying to load something math.js for awhile before Safari just dies. Either this is an iOS issue, or an iOS + great firewall issue (if the font files aren't hosted locally, they are usually hosted by a blocked-in-china google).

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It does it on my iOs device too

The trick seems to be to just let it load and run to completion. On Google Chrome, by the way. It's odd this happens on both Safari and Chrome.

If they are downloading

If they are downloading fonts from Google, it will never complete for me :(

Something like that may be it

Yah. That may be the problem. Both browsers may be talking to the OS to install a font which leads to a deadlock when you intermediately navigate to another page.

May be something completely unrelated too though. I don't have the feeling it's related to fonts but simply the js loading. Best would be to place a bug report somewhere. Too lazy for that, someone else will do the report I imagine.

Was it working previously?

Was it working for you previously? The current config pull the latest version from the CDN, which means there's a potential for breaking changes outside of our control.

The latest version 2.4 was released on Jun 14. If it was working prior to that, I could revert the site to use the prior version.

It works now. Last night, it

It works now. Last night, it was crashing reliably hanging in web font installs. Perhaps was down or somehow badly connected to me. I notice web font problems a Lott, and LtU crashes haven't been uncommon this month, even if sporadic.

It used to crash for me as

It used to crash for me as well (iPhone). Doesn't anymore. Good work, Anton.

For some weird reason, I

For some weird reason, I find I can mostly avoid the issue by avoiding the main page and going straight to tracker.