Synth Specification Overview

As I promissed to natecull, here is a 7 pages Synth specification overview: document

It explains its basic state machine functionality and brings a neat integration of reactive programming. All critics are welcome, as it is still at development stage and it can be changed until its release time.

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although there will be wired in complete parser for building other languages, I figured that no one will use it that much often, so I will not put an accent on emulation of other languages.

There is already OMeta language on the market with a feature of different language emulation and it didn't get so much popular, so it seems that the whole concept is not that much necessary.

Actually I'm surprised by this behavior of the market. Is it maybe only a matter of advertisement and good commercial skills?


have you seen elm? have you talked with them / posted this there?

nice, I like reactive

nice, I like reactive programming