Has anyone used Datalog or RDF as a basis beyond model-driven development, like projectional editing or unikernel generation?

By the way, no this is not a "homework question". Yes, I did research it. I think some people on here can probably point me to some interesting links that weren't obvious on Google.

Has anyone used Datalog or RDF as a basis for something beyond basic model-driven development, like projectional editing or unikernel generation?

Seems like Google is hitting on some model-driven development stuff that uses RDF, but what I really am interested in is generating the whole program or even system entirely based on some kind of semantic model, not just representing some domain model with it.

Unikernels: Rise of the Virtual Library Operating System -- this is what is making me wonder about this type of thing again. I think having a high-level description of all layers of the whole system makes sense, but not everyone is going to want to use OCaml, and practically speaking you will probably want to be able to generate program code or at least configuration files for specific languages or existing machines/VMs or interpreters.

The idea is to have kind of RDF schema or semantic model or common datalog database of facts and rules and then use that as a basis for modeling a program or entire system and then generating the program code from that.

Or better have different programming languages defined using this common set of rules and facts, so the programming language code can be automatically translated back into the common representation and then processed using another tool or edited using a particular interactive projection.

The basic idea is that assuming the whole system is open source, all of the different programming languages or database formats or programs or data representations are defined based on some common semantics in a logic format like datalog. This should make it much easier for different systems (like programming languages or databases or applications) to work together.

I am wondering especially if someone has applied an approach like that to projectional editing or unikernel generation or maybe both together.