Does Drupal have a plug-in for supporting up/down voting things? I want to tell people who posted that i'm excited about their post even though i am too uneducated/ignorant/clueless to be able to actually post anything relevant other than, "w00t!" Can somebody pretty please install such a feature? :-) It would be nice to be able to sort the "Recent Posts" by that as well. :-)

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personal no-voting preference

(By criticizing results of such a feature, I don't mean to criticize you, or that you suggest such an idea. Discussion is good. I just want to register an opinion against. My wording may be the strongest I ever express such a negative reaction, though, giving off an unintended corona of disapproval.)

Since LtU gets such little traffic, what value would such a feature provide, beyond turning folks into insiders and outsiders at the whim of voting rings? On the pro side you get little (maybe nothing?), and on the con side, you subject posters to anonymous social approval and disapproval. So we get high school in a tech forum.

I side with a devil's advocate position more often than not, so I expect bad treatment anywhere voting occurs. I learned to ignore my dumb peers in high school, and I still have a mild to strong anti peer-pressure attitude at all times. Good discourse is intelligent and articulate reasoning. Mute herd sentiment is bad discourse, because the effect is more stifling than enlightening.

In short, if LtU gets voting, I likely won't post again after saying goodbye because the reason I came here will be gone. (Yes, this is a nice result to anyone I annoy.) Status effects of social media strike me as really creepy.


yeah, i don't want there to be Unintended Consequences.

mainly i just wish i could tell people that their post was cool even though nobody has commented on it!

all of you who post things: i love you! keep on posting!

If it was done again, more

If it was done again, more crowd sourcing can be used. As it stands now, we are small enough that noise isn't a problem (flame wars are easy to ignore...or not :) ).