ACM Queue: How Not to Write FORTRAN in Any Language

This article isn't really about programming languages, but some of the claims made should be scrutinized by PL mavens,

The idea of programming-language determinism has some truth to it, but is overrated. Because we are often tackling the same problems in C, Perl, Scheme, Smalltalk, and so on, we can usually find a way to analyze them and code solutions using common designs. Sometimes the features of a particular language make a particular solution much more elegant and comprehensible, and in that case form influences content. But these languages have enough common ground that they can share many designs. C may have pre-increment and post-increment operators, but you can still add 1 to a variable in any language that supports variables.

I agree with some of the style tips the author gives, but I think understanding the different abstraction facilities different languages offer is even more important for writing readable and maintainable code.