Status of XQuery in the .NET Framework 2.0

The official Microsoft statement,

Microsoft has decided not to ship a client-side XQuery implementation in the final version of .NET 2.0 Framework ("Whidbey")....

However, we will be shipping a subset of XQuery in SQL Server ("Yukon") 2005. The reason for this is the new native XML datatype in SQL Server 2005. Microsoft recommends XQuery as the way to re-shape, query, and modify XML data within SQL Server 2005.

Reminds me of this discussion ;-)

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MS likes SQL for some reason

Those interested in MS's query language efforts might also want to look at SQL Syntax for Sharepoint. Even more than the relational db side, the sharepoint directory really could use a good XML query language. I have my suspicions that mucking with the SQL syntax is nothing more than putting a bandaid over a major hemorrhage. I don't have enuf experience with Yukon, as we won't upgrade until it's an actual product. Will be having to deal with the XBRL spec in the next couple months, so I'm sure I'll get an education on how well it can handle SQL can XML.