Glossary of abbreviations on LTU

Perhaps this can be made part of a FAQ.

There are many abbreviations used on LTU which are neither obvious, nor part of the computer science lexicon. To aid new readers, I propose a glossary of such.

To start off the list:

CTM: Concepts, Techniques and Models of Computer Programming by PVR
PVR: Peter van Roy
LTU: Lambda the Ultimate (in case there was any doubt)
SICP: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Abelson and Sussman

Lots more, I'm sure... please add to the list.

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Maybe we can extract the Manila shortcuts we had on the LtU1. They were mostly acronyms.

Here are a couple more:

EOPL - Essentials of Programmign Languages (Friedman, Wand, Haynes).

EOPL2 - Second edition of EOPL.

TSPL - The Scheme Programming Language. Dybvig.

Or we could just make up some new ones

DEBTAP: Difference exists between theory and practice.

A few from the #haskell irc channel.

  • ICFP - International Conference on Functional Programming (conference)
  • TCO - Tail Call Optimization
  • CPS - Continuation Passing Style
  • TaPL - Type and Programming Languages
  • IFL - Implementation of Functional Languages (conference)
  • UTSL - Use the source, Luke

--Shae Erisson -