Inside the Wolfram Language

Video of Stephen Wolfram showing off the Wolfram Language and sharing his perspective on the design of the language at Strange Loop conference.

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I really like the easy

I really like the easy access to massive amounts of world data, sensors, etc.. Also, the ability to say what you want roughly, then pick between a few heuristic interpretations into a more precise language, seems very productive. I don't quite so much like accessing Wolfram's servers to gather data; as someone interested in language level security, that alarms me. I'd prefer to see a DVCS-based design where pushes, pulls, and pull-requests are possible but more discretionary.

Language code gallery

This is a good idea for showing off your language:

Wolfram Language Code Gallery

They really need to simplify their web page drastically...and stop using Wolfram everywhere!

Pattern matching on AST

Shows what you can achieve when you throw a lot of time and resources at a single concept like pattern matching on abstract syntax trees. I wonder what it would be like with unification instead of pattern matching?