Kaya: Declarative Reactive

The presentation of Kaya at the Future of Programming Workshop at the Strange Loop conference.

Kaya is declarative like SQL, reactive like a spreadsheet, and a spreadsheet metaphor is used to render powerful, expressive data structures. Code is not written in a text editor, but instead you compose applications in a spreadsheet-like editor. The resulting contextual nature ameliorates some of the typical need for control structures, and leads to a more natural way to compose applications.

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I liked this a lot, although you covered more concepts than I could absorb at that speed. Is there a paper?


Yes, I understand that's a problem. It was tough trying to compress everything to fit the FPW presentation time slot.

I actually don't want to write up a paper -- trying to describe it in the past has caused some confusion. I'm dedicated to just publishing the language/tools in the coming year.

I'm currently working on a product called Brodlist which is based on the first couple slides, focusing just on the database aspect. (It is scheduled to go live in about three to six months.) After that I can focus more on the editors that I show in the presentation.

I really appreciate the feedback (any feedback!). Please shoot me an email (davidbroderick-at-yahoo dot com) and I'll keep you in the loop.

Thanks again.

The paper format can help

The paper format can help you focus your message. You might also consider trying a web essay format, which can have some of the best of both worlds (as examples consider Bret Victor's Learnable Programming essay or my own Programming with Managed Time essay).

I'll take your advice.

I'll take your advice. The web essay format sounds like it would work best. Thanks.