SNAPL, a new PL conference on "big-picture questions and long-running research programs"

SNAPL: The Inaugural Summit oN Advances in Programming Languages

Calling all Programming Language Researchers!

The programming languages community has several excellent conferences. However, conferences are focused on incremental bits of novelty. We want to create a new kind of venue that complements these: to present and discuss big-picture questions and long-running research programs; to view progress along the long arc of a research effort. Other communities do this better (e.g. the CIDR series in databases).

To this end, we are putting together the inaugural Summit oN Advances in Programming Languages (SNAPL). We hope that the biennial SNAPL will grow into a venue where our community comes to enjoy talks with inspiring ideas, fresh insights, and lots of discussion.

For the event to succeed, we need the stars in the community to submit. Please start working on your paper.

Important Dates:
Submission: January 6, 2015
Decisions announced: February 20, 2015
Final versions due: March 20, 2015
Conference: May 3-6, 2015 (Asilomar, California, US)

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As with the

As with the off-the-beaten-track meeting: let's here some topic suggestions! Surely, we can come up with something..

HotOS for PL? They even

HotOS for PL? They even share similar submit and conference dates (HotOS is also once every two years).

I'm a bit weary about the concept, the next big things are unlikely to come from academic PL, which seems quite risk adverse oddly enough. The research arcs are also mostly short and aimed at maximizing the pub pipeline (many members on the PC list are famous for). But then again, perhaps they can prove me wrong here.

These are "meta" issues. I

These are "meta" issues. I am interested in concrete ideas, to be discussed here... Your perspective on where we should go next is well represented on LtU, but I am sure some lurkers have thoughts they can share.

I made my comment without

I made my comment without seeing yours, so I was replying to the post, not your comment. I heard about this a few days ago and this was just my thoughts then.

As with the OBT post, you probably won't get many comments given that we are quick to get our ideas out anyways. I also don't think it is reasonable to come up with edgy ideas just for a conference or workshop: you are either working on them or you are not. It is then only a matter of whether you think the venue is useful or not (and the venues don't really try to sell themselves very well beyond tradition).