Tools for layered languages?

I like things like Shen and Haxe and ATS, where I can take a high level language and target another, but more common language. The intent is to be able to e.g. play with: how portable your source code is vs. how much you use 'native' libraries. So Shen -> {Python,Javascript,...} or Haxe -> {C++,Javascript,...} or ATS -> {C,PHP,...}.

But of course a problem is that it is unlikely to come with real tooling like a source line debugger, or profilers, or etc.

Apparently there is some leverage to be had if you are targeting C, but it seems more like dumb luck than based on principle, to me. :-)

Does anybody know of efforts to "solve" this "problem"?

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Source maps!

Javascript source maps attempt to do this. They're sort of successful, though they don't enable certain things you'd really want in the long run: like inspecting objects as their original types.