Ivory EDSL in Haskell for Embedded Control

I'm all starry-eyed enamoured with Ivory and Tower.

We report on our experiences in synthesizing a fully-featured autopilot from embedded domain-specific languages (EDSLs) hosted in Haskell. The autopilot is approximately 50k lines of C code generated from 10k lines of EDSL code and includes control laws, mode logic, encrypted communications system, and device drivers. The autopilot was built in less than two engineer years. This is the story of how EDSLs provided the productivity and safety gains to do large-scale low-level embedded programming and lessons we learned in doing so.

Ok for me what I'm excited about: Ivory is like Atom or Copilot only more real-world; Tower is a compositional language to boot; apparently there is an ability to do FFI from Ivory to C. (Now if only I could understand more about any kind of interactive source line debuggery.) I really want to write video games for my Game Boy using this stuff.