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Why do I feel like a kid in a candy store?

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Looks promising.

Looks promising.

Very good start

It's already much easier to dive into the GCC documentation based on the entry points presented here. I was surprised to read that GCC has only had data structures to support Interprocedural optimizations since gcc 3.4...

Any good links on how to write a new front end?

I've tried to write a new front-end but it quickly degenerated down to reading source code and trying to decode what the GCC macros do. It was quite frustrating and ultimately boring. The wiki is nice, but what it is needed is a formal description of the front-end, including the used frameworks. Is there such a thing? replies will be greatly appreciated.


GCC makes me scared. GCC is one of the most important pieces of software that is out there. It has been the corner stone of open source software since before my sister was born. Gazillions of developers use it every day.

And yet, dispite its importance, GCC is a very badly managed project. Go and read about the register allocator for example. It is a sordid story. No one understands the code today, its just one big mess. And the present register allocator does a rather poor job. It makes me really uneasy that such a big and important piece of software can be so badly managed.

Well, having this wiki is going to move things in the right direction. I hope GCC 4.0 will make me sleep better.

OT: CTM wiki

I've created a wiki for CTM, in the hope that it will be useful for others who like myself are reading the book and want to discuss it, ask questions, find links to further resources etc.

There isn't nearly enough content there yet to justify posting the link in an item of its own, but I'm hoping that some LtU readers will feel like lending a hand in building the resource. Constructive criticism is welcome, but of course the most constructive way to criticise a wiki is to change its content yourself. ;)

Good idea

Cool. I hope we are able to post about it to the home page in a couple of days. CTM lovers, ready, set, write!

See you soon...

Nice. I saw CTM at the University bookstore (filed amongst the Teach Yourself Java in 21 days and 101 Killer MS Office Tips -- though it was right next to Ant Colony Optimization So maybe they have some kind of a system...), but I had to put it back because I didn't have any cash on me.

I do plan on stopping by again tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be joining you soon. I just wonder how well I can interleave CTM with my current excursion into TAPL...



It will be a terribly dull wiki, and probably rather unreliable as well, if I have to write it all by myself... ;)

Keep doing that...

That was meant to be a reply to William D. Neumann. I keep getting that wrong, and I'm not the only one. It's a rather confusing interface...

I took the plunge...

Well, I did pick it up the other day, so I suppose I'll dive into it soon. I gave it a really quick scan, and so far I only have one complaint: It is a big, heavy book. It would have been swell if it were issued as a boxed set of two or three smaller volumes. My aching back would rejoice...

I guess it's time to install emacs and Mozart/Oz now...