Paul Hudak

These are sad news indeed. I am sure almost everyone here read at least one paper by Paul and many knew him personally. When I just started thinking about programming languages I was fascinated by DSLs and his work was simply inspiring. His voice will be missed.

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Update:There is some confusion about the situation. Please see the comments for further information.

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I don't know anything about

I don't know anything about the situation, but FYI the latest update from Shriram Krishnamurthi from 15 minutes ago indicates that "Paul is thankfully still with us."

Thank you.

Thank you. I'm glad.

While I never had the good

While I never had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Hudak in person, his work in Functional Reactive Programming has been (and remains) an inspiration to me. The Haskell School of Expression was my first real introduction to Haskell, showing me a completely different way of thinking about interactive programs that fit my intuitions of how graphical programs could potentially work.

I've found his research group (Yale Haskell Group) to consistently produce some of the most compelling software in the Haskell community, especially Euterpea and UISF.

He will be missed.

Rest in peace

I met the professor a few years ago in New York at a seminar. I have absolutely no background in type theory or even functional languages, beyond the very basics. At the seminar I told him of my interest in some related topics. He was very generous with his time and encouraged me to pursue my interests.

I enjoyed his book, it was a fantastic introduction and it was obvious that he cared deeply about communicating complex ideas in simple terms.

He will be missed.