FLOPS 2016, promoting cross-fertilization across the whole declarative programming and theory and practice

LtU generally is not appropriate venue for posting call-for-papers, but there have been exceptions, if the CFP has an exceptionally wide appeal. Hopefully FLOPS 2016 might qualify.

FLOPS has been established to promote cooperation between logic and functional programmers, hence the name. This year we have taken the name exceptionally seriously, to cover the whole extent of declarative programming, which also includes program transformation, re-writing, and extracting programs from proofs of their correctness. There is another strong emphasis: on cross-fertilization among people developing theory, writing tools and language systems using that theory, and the users of these tools. We specifically ask the authors to make their papers understandable by the wide audience of declarative programmers and researchers.

As you can see from the Program Committee list, the members have done first-rate theoretic work, and are also known for their languages, tools and libraries. PC will appreciate the good practical work. Incidentally, there is a special category, ``System Descriptions'' that FLOPS has always been known for. We really want to have more submissions in that category.

One can see even on LtU that there is some rift between theoreticians and practitioners: Sean McDermid messages come to mind. He does have many good points. We really hope that FLOPS will help repair this rift.

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Second CFP: invited talks

The second CFP is now available

The highlight is the announcement of the two out of three invited
talks, on the exciting time and hard-won lessons of the Fifth
Generation Computer Project (by the project participant Kazunori UEDA)
and on the design and lessons of the Utrecht Haskell Compiler (which
is thoroughly extensible and built with attribute grammars), by Atze
Dijkstra. Attribute Grammars are used all throughout UHC, from
parsing to type-checking to type-class instance resolution to code
generation. These are big projects (especially the Fifth Generation
Project) and both had to use both theory and practice.

Call for participation and posters

I hope the participants of LtU will find the FLOPS
appealing and consider attending.

Also, please consider submitting a poster. Although the deadline for
poster submissions has formally passed, if you send a proposal within
two days, we can still consider it.