CEPTR presentation @ MIT KIT

(Requires WebEx Player.)

Art Brock & Eric Harris-Braun - "Just a Spoonful of Ceptr".

Ceptr evolved from the MetaCurrency Project as we needed to build distributed tools that went far beyond blockchain approaches. Ceptr provides semantic computing, a self-describing protocol stack, distributed/byzantine processing, fractal virtual machines, autonomous contracts and organizations, and more. Since it is such a wide-reaching project, we'll only be able to get a taste of it in a 1 hour webinar. So we've set up some demonstrations of how approaching things with Ceptr allows us to easily tackle problems which are normally intractable. After a bit of show and tell, we'll have time for questions and discussion about our tools and approach.

I think it is worth watching through this -- this presentation was the only thing so far I've seen on CEPTR that actually made me understand what is being talked about since they tend to have made up new lingo and don't always tell you what it is most like from the past. It has aspects of tuple spaces, of objects, of actors, or cap'n proto, IoT, etc.