OpenSpice is an openly available specification of the Spice language - a modern programming language with some nice XML processing features. It is designed with the needs of part-time or occasional programmers in mind. The language features are properly separated and their corner cases have been eliminated. This design means that if you only use Spice occasionally, you're likely to find it easy to come back to despite the breaks.

The most similar well-known language is probably Common LISP together with CLOS. But Spice has a rich Algol-like external syntax, an XML transport form, and makes multiple values a key feature. The way Spice deals with multiple values is, we think, the feature that will strike most programmers as special.

I am not sure how interesting this really is, but the language seems to have some amusing features that you may want to explore.

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seem's someone has hijacked restaked their claim on the domain.

How Strange?!

The plot thickens! I was initially expecting a reworking of the Spice circuit simulator.


Sorry about that. We had to shift servers because of some excessively aggressive spidering of a website on the same machine but the error wasn't revealed until the DNS changes had propagated. Hopefully it is all working now.

Steve Leach (Spice Dev Team)

Fixed is back, there was apparently a hosting configuration error.

Still down

Or down again, or something?