Region Streams: Functional Macroprogramming for Sensor Networks

This paper presents the design of a functional macroprogramming language for sensor networks, called Regiment. The essential data model in Regiment is based on region streams, which represent spatially distributed,time-varying collections of node state. A region stream might represent the set of sensor values across all nodes in an area or the aggregation of sensor values within that area. Regiment is a purely functional language, which gives the compiler considerable leeway in terms of realizing region stream operations across sensor nodes and exploiting redundancy within the network.

The operations on region streams include fold and map. The language uses monads to represent time varying values.

I know nothing about sensor networks (this paper is from DMSN 2004: the First Workshop on Data Management for Sensor Networks) so I can't judge how useful this project really is.

Notice that Regiment isn't implemented yet. Only a highly restricted (dynamically typed) subset is.

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TinyOS seems to be one of the more notable sensor network software tools. The project page should give some idea of what kinds of things sensor networks are (currently) being used. The possibilities of this and related technology appear almost limitless, but the field is still young at this point.