Amazon Web Services in Scheme

Phil Windley is having fun with Scheme and XML (SSAX). His latest set of examples show how to use Amazon Web Services from DrScheme, and how to write DrScheme servlets.

Continuations must be next, right? :-)

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What a coincidence...

Lately I've been also playing with Amazon Web Services and DrScheme but from a different perspective. I was using swindle to create a Scheme API to the amazon web services. I'm following an operator based approach, which means that at this current moment I only have itemsearch operation working. Although it is not ready to be released I can release the current code with some examples if you wish.


Sounds interesting, please do.

In a few days...

Ok, so I'll prepare a pre^+oo-release for this weekend. Sorry but can't do it earlier, some conference deadlines are blowing me away. :)


I'd be obliged if you'd package it up and submit it to PLaneT when it gets to be reasonably complete.