ACM Classic Books Series

This list of classic books is the result of a poll ACM conducted where members named their favorite computer science books.

Good list. Bar the last two, which I have nothing against, the list consists of favorites of mine. It is always nice to see how many classics of CS come from work on programming languages. Not a surprise for anyone here, of course, but not always acknowledged. While we are on the subject of classic books, check out Luke's twitter poll here.

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The list is available at

Thanks. Fixed.

Thanks. Fixed.

My Book List.

I thought I would have a quick look through my bookshelves and see which books I thought were classics (or future classics?). I have a lot of books, but I am going to avoid anything about programming in language 'X'. I think a lot of books are really too specific in scope to be classics.

If I had to pick only two 'books' (TAOCP box set) it would be:

1. Stepanov, A. (2009) Elements of Programming: Addison-Wesley.
2. Knuth D.E. (1997) The Art of Computer Programming, 3rd edition: Addison-Wesley.

Other books that seem like they could be classics:

3. Pierce, B.C. (2002) Types and Programming Languages: MIT Press
4. Pierce, B.C. ed. (2005) Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages: MIT Press.
5. Mitchell J.C. (1996) Foundations for Programming Languages: MIT Press.
6. Chrystal, G. (1886) Algebra, An Elementary Text-Book: AMS Chelsea Publishing.
7. Tarjan, R.E. (1983) Data Structures and Network Algorithms: SIAM books.
8. Foley, J.D. & Van Dam, A. (1982) Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics: Addison-Wesley.
9. Russell S. & Norvig P. (2010) Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach, 3rd edition: Pearson.
10. Hennessy J.L. & Patterson D.A. (2012) Computer Architecture, A Quantitative Approach, 5th edition: Morgan Kaufmann.

Introduction to Algorithms

Cormen, Thomas H.; Leiserson, Charles E., Rivest, Ronald L., Stein, Clifford (2009) [1990]. Introduction to Algorithms (3rd ed.). MIT Press and McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-262-03384-4.

While I love most of the

While I love most of the books on the ACM list, I'll deviate sharply from the early trend and mention The Mythical Man-Month and Peopleware. The context of programming is as important as its content.

I also disagree that classics must be generalized. The oldest Western classic work is about a specific war.

Did you see my response to

Did you see my response to Luke's poll? :-)

Seems the same list as in

Seems the same list as in 2008.