pi-ple rights oppressed

We have a category for Theory/Lambda Calculus, but none for Theory/Pi and related calculi. Not sure, what the specific name should be, though.

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For the moment it would seem best to put suhc items in the LC and parallel prog departments. I guess I should add a PiC dept. for all thse calculi (just like LC one is for all forms of L-like C).

Better yet, call it "Process Calculi"

or Calculii, which ever speling is korrect. :)

A home for discussions on any of the various process calculii and process models that have been proposed (join calculus, pi-calculus, CCS, CSP, actors model).

Concurrency ?

So maybe it should be called "Concurrency" after all. Actually I thought some time ago about a Concurrency Wiki, but I have nowhere to host it. It would be about formalisms/calculi/techniques and approaches to concurrency, from theory to practice.

We have a department for the

We have a department for these things already. It's just not under the theory heading. I understnad that some of the more formal papers should really fall there, so I'll add a department once we agree on a name...