Fabula programming language

A few years ago I presented here the Aha! programming language (general-purpose). Not long ago I decided to switch to the web development area and took a more pragmatic approach. The result is a new programming language for developing web applications - Fabula. Moreover, I developed a Fabula interpreter and then a complete online programming system in Fabula. Those who are interested can have a look at fabwebtools.com. Any feedback is welcome.

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Still interesting

Gentlemen, the site (fabwebtools.com) is worth looking at - I strongly believe it! Now it's a WordPress blog with some articles about Fabula; a detailed language reference is available after the registration.

Can you describe what are

Can you describe what are the main properties of Fabula programming language? What paradigm does it implement? What kind of tasks does it manage the best? Does it work symbiotic with HTML or is it self-contained system?

Fabula's properties

Thanks for asking. Fabula is a declarative programming language for web application development. Yes, it works symbiotic with HTML (XHTML, to be exact) - its "applets" implement the MVC pattern, where an abstract state (model) is mapped into HTML representation (view). In my blog, I'm going to publish more and more materials about Fabula. If you feel interested, you are welcome to join FWT community and try it yourself.

FWT activation mail

Your FWT activation mail leads to '404 not found' page...

I don't get it

I don't get it, you say it is possible to do all programming just out of: def, is, all, any and not? What about functions?


I don't know why you are asking that, apparently my brief Fabula introduction wasn't clear enough. Of course, there are functions, and more, but you need to login and start Project Builder to get access to the Language Reference.

New Fabula Programming System

Let me introduce a new incarnation of my programming language - Fabula Programming System, now residing at gofabula.com. Please have a look, I completely reworked the backend, updated the documentation and the language itself. The corresponding blog at fabwebtools.wordpress.com has been also updated, but there's still a lot to do.