The Church Project or

The Church Project investigates the foundations, design principles and implementation techniques of programming languages and related systems. The overall goal is the development of software technology that performs better and is more reliable. The project is named in honor of Alonzo Church, the inventor of the lambda calculus.

Four major research efforts (supported by various funding bodies including EC, EPSRC, and NSF) are presently undertaken by project participants:

  • Compiling with Flow Types
  • Compositional Analysis
  • Programming with Dependent Types (DML) (Xanadu)
  • Linear Naming and Computation

We previously linked to a document on this site, but not the site itself.

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If you like the Church project then you'll probably like the FLINT project.

FLINT - is it still alive?

The only updates in several years seem to be new papers. Does anyone know whether the version of the code in SML/NJ is the most recent?

Life's like that

Funny. I'm an ex-member of the Church group, and will be in Yale from May and plan to get involved with the FLINT group.