POPL 2016 Research program...

is out here: http://conf.researchr.org/track/POPL-2016/POPL-2016-papers#event-overview.

Many of the papers sound cool (Newtonian Program Analysis via Tensor Product, Transforming Spreadsheet Data Types using Examples, Program Synthesis with Noise, Memoryful Geometry of Interaction II: Recursion and Adequacy, Is Sound Gradual Typing Dead?) even if I'm not really connecting with them (maybe just in my field of work).

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Preprint gathering repo

Thanks for the pointer, I just created a git repo for preprint link collection. Contributions welcome.

Does LtU have suggestions or highlights?

The list of preprint is reasonably complete (more than 52 out of 59 articles), so it may be a good time for LtUers to have a look and discuss what they think could be interesting -- the area covered by the papers is very broad, so I'm sure there would be things for different interests. If you are interested in a paper in particular, that might be a good suggestion for a front-page story.

These titles piqued my

These titles piqued my interest:

  • Fabular: Regression Formulas as Probabilistic Programming
  • Query-Guided Maximum Satisfiability
  • Type Theory in Type Theory using Quotient Inductive Types
  • Dependent Types and Multi-Monadic Effects in F*
  • A Theory of Effects and Resources: Adjunction Models and Polarised Calculi