Following the CTM wiki and GCC wiki announcements, and the expression of interest in all kinds of new PL wikis, a pointer to the wikicities service may be in order: it's essentially an extension of the wikipedia project which is meant to support topic-oriented communities. I guess the Wikicity creation policy is the main thing to bear in mind when thinking whether a wikicity is the best way to launch your ultimate PL enlightenment portal.

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Could LTU host a wiki?

Could this site host a Wiki, in addition to the current weblog format? It might be a good idea.

There are a lot of PL-related wikis out there--from those focusing on specific topics (cliki, CTM wiki, GCC wiki) to the more general. WardsWiki, of course, has a lot of PL-related content (though the tone of discouse is far less scholarly than LtU, and the place seems to host lots of Language Pissing Matches). I must take responsibility for some of it, I admit. :)

Many of the sections on the left panel of LtU (FAQ, DesignDocs, Courses, Research Papers, Quotations, etc.) would be a good starting place for Wiki content. Currently, can anybody other than the moderator(s) edit these? It would also be useful if convenient markup is provided so forum posts could easily reference Wiki content, and vice versa.

LtU Wiki

I've been thinking about a LtU Wiki form time to time, and I am not sure if it's a good idea yet. But I'll want to try setting a LtU wiki one of these days.

I'll have to discuss this with Anton, after we get the drupal upgrade out of the way.

Bliki perhaps

Some people are using bliki engines, which would solve both problems.