BrightScript (Just what we needed: yet another scripting language)

I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

BrightScript [Roku] is a powerful bytecode interpreted scripting language optimized for embedded devices; in this way it is unique. For example, BrightScript and the BrightScript Component architecture are written in 100% C for speed, efficiency, and portability. BrightScript makes extensive use of the "integer" type (since many embedded processors don't have floating point units). This is different from languages like JavaScript where a number is always a float. BrightScript numbers are only floats when necessary.

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How to install BrightScript? For which platform?

I tried to find some info on how to install and get started, and info on which OSes that are supported, but I had no luck. Maybe I just don't need yet another scripting language.


It appears to be implemented only on the Roku media player platform, having been created by and for Roku.


I have never used it. From reading around the 'net it appears to be something that only works on real Roku boxes. The feeling I get from reading things is that the approach Roku took to it is in many ways opposite how I would want to push a programming language. I must guess they figure they have enough lock-in. Courses for horses. I am nobody's CEO.

To me the language, and the reasons for/against it, is interesting in a food-for-thought roarshash-test how-does-this-make-you-feel what-were-they-thinking reflective kind of way.