Project Lamdu

Project Lamdu, a live-programming environment with a little something for everyone, including things like:

  • ...the canonical representation of programs should not be text, but rich data structures: Abstract syntax trees.
  • Effect Typing... ...allows a live environment to actually execute code as it is being edited, safely, and bring the benefits of spreadsheets to general purpose programming
  • When types are rich enough, much of the program structure can be inferred from the types.
  • Integrated revision control and live test cases will allow "Regression Debugging".

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Has anything changed in the

Has anything changed in the last couple of years?

Click on the link

Don't GitHub commits count as changes? ;)

Anyway, it sounds like quite a bit has changed. They didn't have any execution/debugging support before, it was "just" a structure editor with incremental type-checking.

I did click and see some

I did click and see some activity. They really should blog or highlight new capabilities, since the project has been around for awhile people might be like "I saw this before..." and not notice the progress that has been made.

and what will be coming

at the moment I have to guess if I could ever possibly use this for "real" work :-) I assume the answer is "no" but...

Actually, if it was ready

Actually, if it was ready for "real work", it would probably be incremental and boring. I'm personally looking for new and interesting.

cake & eat

I don't understand why (hope against) they must be mutually exclusive no matter what in every case.

You have to bake the cake

You have to bake the cake before you can eat it.


nope. ;-)

Yes well, the cake is better

Yes well, the cake is better eaten baked. Some will eat it before its baked, but they are weird.