Perl6 vs Java vs Python, or, Java sucks! and the NIH Fallacy

I recently wrote a book that deals with doing things (using features and ideas) in Perl invented and popularized by other languages. People react to that statement in fascinating ways - "what? Why would you want to do something in Perl that another language does? Perl is better so using things from Java and Python is pointless" they say.

I'm going to show first why quoted (paragraphased, actually) statement is dumb and then secondarily why it's a fallacy.

Yes, arguments of this sort still go on.

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In other Perl news, Pugs: Perl 6 Users Golfing System

Pugs is a nifty project from Autrijus Tang.

Pugs started as an "exercise to implement a real language" according to TaPL and ATTaPL. It seems to have become more than an exercise. (Or maybe I just need bigger language muscles)

--Shae Erisson -