The Little JavaScripter

In 1974, Daniel P. Friedman published a little book called The Little LISPer. It was only 68 pages, but it did a remarkable thing...

JavaScript has much in common with Scheme. It is a dynamic language. It has a flexible datatype (arrays) that can easily simulate s-expressions. And most importantly, functions are lambdas.

Because of this deep similarity, all of the functions in The Little Schemer can be written in JavaScript.

Show your Javascripting friends the light...

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Some context

Barry Margolin has been arguing that LISPers ought to be more friendly to javascript than they have been on comp.lang.lisp for some time. His argument is: yes, javascript has issues, yes you can't count on it being correctly implemented, but it is widely available, more so than CL, and accords with some LISP-like principles.

Show your Javascripting friends the light...

Or your Lisping friends ;-)

Cool, he has a Scheme intrepreter in Javascript.

The source and an eval form

No Macros?

Ah, but no macros?

A more complete Scheme interp

A more complete Scheme interpreter in Javascript is here:

It includes a 'limited syntax-rules transformer'. IE only though.